Wakefield, Quebec is home to two historic burial grounds, namely the Hall Cemetery and the MacLaren Cemetery, both founded in the mid-1800s during early settlement years within the village. Situated outside of the village centre on once private land respectively owned by the Hall and MacLaren Families, these cemeteries have the headstones of pioneers and remarkable community members.

As Wakefield was settled primarily by Northern Irish and to a lesser extent, Scottish immigrants, both of the cemeteries began as traditional Protestant burial grounds. In 1961, the United Church founded a cemetery board and partnered with the Anglican Church to institute a system of care, and to ensure that the cemeteries were well maintained. To this day, the Wakefield Cemetery Board continues to manage the sale of burial rights and the upkeep of these two cemeteries.

The Maclaren and Hall Cemeteries provide an opportunity for local people and visitors alike to learn more about the history of Wakefield and some of Canada’s illustrious contributors who wished to be buried in the Gatineau Hills. Click below for more information on each site.