By-Laws and Regulations

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By-Laws, and Regulations of the Wakefield Cemetery Board, Wakefield, Quebec

Section “B” Bylaw: Donations

  1. Anyone making a financial donation to the Board (in excess of the current minimum amount) shall receive a receipt from L’Église Unie de la Grace United Church, Wakefield, for Income Tax purposes. Gifts in kind which have received prior approval by the Board shall also receive a receipt.
  2. Donations of money as memorial gifts, etc., are always welcomed by the Board to further the work of the Board in the maintenance of the cemeteries.

Section “C” Bylaw: Sale of Plots

  1. A plot may be purchased from the Board at the current rate as determined by, and according to, the plans approved by the Board.
  2. Purchasers of plots acquire only the right and privilege of burial and installation of monuments or markers, subject to the Rules and Regulations contained herein, or from time to time in force.
  3. Purchase and payment for plot(s) must be arranged through the Sales Manager.
  4. All payments for a plot must be paid at time of purchase, unless a payment plan has been negotiated by the Board.
  5. Each purchaser of burial rights shall be entitled to a certificate describing same.
    This document shall be supplied at the time the financial costs have been paid in full.
  6. No transfer of any plot shall be binding on the Board until written notice specifying the details of the transfer has been received by the Board.
  7. Only the Board can purchase un-needed plots from plot owners. The board will pay the original purchase price. If the original purchase price is unknown, the board will offer a price as agreed by the Board, having a minimum of $100 for a single plot.

Section “D” Regulation: Interments and Disinterments

  1. All purchasers of burial rights must adhere to the provincial Statutes, which are enforced by the Board. This includes providing a Proof of Death Certificate, Cremation Certificate, or Burial Certificate at the time of burial.
  2. All interments in plots shall be restricted to members of the family of the holders of burial rights unless requested in writing and permission is granted by the board
  3. Persons requesting interments or disinterments shall be held responsible for all charges thus incurred.
  4. Graves shall be in accordance with the current laws and regulations in place at the time of the burial.
  5. No more than one (1) casket may be interred in any one casket plot. Up to three (3) urns may be interred in a casket plot above a previously interred casket. No more than two (2) urns may be interred in any one urn plot.
    1. Upon proof that a plot was purchased at a time when a different number of interments was permitted, the Board may, at its sole discretion, allow a variance from the current interment limitations as circumstances allow.
  6. No disinterment shall be made without the written consent of the local Medical Officer of Health (or other competent medical authority) and the holder of the plot, except by an order from the Court, or as provided by the Statutes of the Province of Quebec. The Cemetery Board must be notified in advance of any disinterment.
  7. No Interments or installation of monuments shall be done without the knowledge of the Board. Those not complying with these instructions will be held liable by the Board for any costs incurred.

Section”E” Care of Plots

  1. It is the responsibility of any person or family having burial rights of any given plot to see that flower and/or plants are kept trimmed.
  2. No trees, shrubs, or any deep-rooted plant shall be allowed on any plot.
  3. Flower beds not exceeding ten (10) inches in width, shall be permitted in front of the monuments, but where there is no monument, can only be made by permission of and under the supervision of the Operations Manager. All flower beds must be kept entirely within the limits of the plot concerned. Beds which exceed the boundary of the plot will be removed without notice.
  4. Vases, urns, flower stands, etc. will be removed prior to winter closing.
  5. Boards, fences, railings, walls and hedges in or around plots are prohibited.
  6. No person/family having burial rights shall change the grading of his/her plot except under the permission of the Board. Where deemed necessary, the Board may restore any such plot to its original grade at the owner’s cost.
  7. The use of crushed rock or stone chips to cover the surface of a plot is prohibited.

Section “F” Monuments and Markers

  1. No monument or other such structure shall be installed until the plans have been submitted to the Operations Manager or Board, and have received approval from the same. This approval should be secured before plot holders purchase stones or markers.
  2. Monuments must be installed on adequate bases, as determined by the Board’s Operations Manager. Persons and or companies installing monuments are responsible for any damage or injury resulting from said installation. No portion of the monument or marker may exceed the limits of the plot.
  3. Corner blocks and other markers with a flat and level surface, set flush with the ground and giving sufficient clearance for the passing of a lawn mower over it, may be placed at any grave/plot in addition to the monument with the permission of the Board. Such flat markers are the only type of markers permitted in sections of the cemetery designated as urn plots only.
  4. Holders of burial rights shall be required to keep all stones and markers in a state of good repair. Upon failure to make such repairs as the Board may deem necessary, within three (3) months of the date of written notice to the person/persons concerned, the Board may remove such defective monument or have the same repaired at the expense of the plot holder. Any repair or work deemed by the Board to be of an emergency nature will be performed without advance notice and invoiced as appropriate.
  5. The Board shall not be responsible for any damage done by nature or vandalism.

Section “G” Rules for Visitors

  1. Visitors are always welcome at the Cemeteries during daylight hours.
  2. Children under the age of twelve (12) years are not admitted except when accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their conduct.
  3. All trucks and other heavy vehicles are prohibited from entering the grounds except with the permission of the Operations Manager or Board.
  4. Cars, other than on funeral occasions, are not permitted in the cemetery at any time, but must be parked in the areas so provided for such purposes. Overnight parking is prohibited.
  5. The discharging of firearms, other than in regular volleys at a Burial Service, is prohibited in and around the cemeteries at all times.
  6. No dogs shall be allowed in the cemeteries.
  7. Any persons disturbing the quiet and good order of the cemeteries by noise or other improper conduct may be expelled from the grounds.
  8. The use of “recreational vehicles” within the cemetery grounds is prohibited.

The foregoing By-Laws and Regulations are laid down for the benefit and protection of all plot/grave holders in Hall’s and MacLaren’s Cemeteries. It is hoped that plot/graves holders will do all they can to help the Cemetery Board to maintain and improve the Cemeteries.